Springtime and Flower Quilt Design Inspired Cross Stitch Chart

Hello peoples! This week's free cross stitch chart was inspired by a few things. There are some crazy poofy primulas that have come out in my garden and then I saw a neato quilt design on pinterest that kind of looked like them all in a row.

And then I used to have this mosaic sign thing in my garden that said "Grow". Sadly, the frost finally got the better of it this year and I kind of miss it out there keeping all the flowers in line with a perpetual pep talk. They need it this time of year!

free springtime cross stitch chart from hancock's house of happy

It is a large chart and is posted up on Craftsy as a PDF. You can download it for free! The DMC colour key is included in the chart. The big black letters are proclaiming it to be a free cross stitch chart from Hancock'c House of Happy is NOT in the chart. In case you were worried about that. Click HERE HERE HERE

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