Art Mind Mosaic Share: Traditional Cultural Motifs in Cross Stitch and Other Mediums

Every Tuesday ArtMind does a link up where everyone shares their favourite finds on flickr in a mosaic.

You can pick your own theme and this week my theme is Traditional Motifs.

I am trying to improve my cross stitch design skills by starting at the most basic level of stylized traditional sampler motifs. I was interested in seeing what other people are doing in other mediums with traditional motifs from many cultures.

I thought I would add one of my own recent experiments in making simple motifs. Guess which one it is?

Created with fd's Flickr Toys

In western European and early American symbology the heart and crown symbolize love, loyalty, and the most pure form of love: charity. The hart, or stag, is representative of masculinity as well as of the sin of pride. It can also mean gentleness. In this example the symbol of charity over the stag means that love has conquered pride.

But FART... Come on... you gotta love THAT. It's a bit of an inside joke with my partner plus I just find the word hilarious. I only have to think "FART" and I will start giggling. But it is the word fart rather what it is that I find funny. Dunno why. Guess my brain is ticklish.

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