Paper Bag Bears

Once upon a time there was a bear and a snail who were the best of friends. They went on all sorts of adventures together. The snail loved to collect fabric from all the different places they went. One day the snail realised that she didn't have any more room for any more fabric. Most of the fabric pieces were too small to make clothes out of being fat quarters and half yards, but she loved to take them out and look at them because they reminded her of all the wonderful adventures she had with the bear.

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The day she realised she had no more room in the snail house for fabric was the same day she found out she needed to go on a trip on her own. This made her sad because her bear friend wouldn't be there to share in the adventure. So she made a pattern out of a paper bag and picked her favourite piece of fabric and made a bear to take on the trip with her.

It wasn't quite as good as the real bear but it reminded her of the wonderful adventures she and the real bear had and that made her brave enough to try new things on her own. The paper bag bear now goes everywhere.

This inspired the snail, whose name is even-star, to use her paper bag pattern and all of her lovely fabric from all of her amazing adventures with the bear to make bears for other people. Bears to keep people company or to inspire them to have their own amazing adventures!

Each paper bag bear is hand made in a garden shed in Essex in the United Kingdom. They are made from very limited amounts of fabric that come from all over the place. This means there could be only be two or three bears in a particular pattern!

Each paper bag bear comes with a certificate that tells you their name, their distinguishing features, and how many of their pattern were made. Fabric is not bought in bulk or purchased more than once so your bear is truly unique and will never have any more like them made. You know your bear is a one and only paper bag bear because the certificate is signed by even-star.

A paper bag bear is your bear friend forever. Collect them or give them to your BFFs to share the adventure!

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