Groovy! This VW Van Cross Stitch Chart Invites You to Come Knockin'

I think it is all the colours they come in that inspired this Volkswagon van cross stitch chart. It is a super easy to hack chart so you can make the VW van what ever colour you want. You could do a whole shiney convoy like this!

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The VW Van. Look at all the colours!

Maybe you know a hippy chick who would like one of these stitched up for their kitchen or den? Or course you do! It's probably your mom. Or maybe your dad was a groovy dood in his day and would appreciate one of these on a birthday card.

Goovy VW Van cross stitch chart. Swap the colour for your favourite hue.

The colours are DMC but you can use what ever you have on hand to make is special.

If you don't fancy looking at your computer to read the chart don't worry. You can download the full size.

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  • Click on the picture above to view the full sized image
  •  Right click the full sized image with your mouse
  • Pick Save Picture As
  • Choose a location to save it on your computer
  • Save!
Then you can open it in your application of choice because it is a JPG. And Print it!
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