Hope You Have Had a Great Festive Season

Hello peoples! I am just back from a short break visiting my family. This is something that is very important to me at this time of year. We had a lovely Christmas and had lots of sun and food and sitting around with our feet up in front of the fire.

I hope that your festive season was as happy and warm as ours. There are so many people in the world who don't have even a fraction of the modest abundance I am blessed to enjoy. It makes me sad but also happy that I am so fortunate in my life.

Regular posting will commence shortly. Not sure if I will be getting round to posting before the New Year. I might do one more chart for you for 2011.

In other news I see that some of you have been very busy stitching up some of the free charts! Check out the Space Invaders Christmas card at Sprite Stitch. I love to see it so keep it coming. If  you do stitch up any of the charts send me the details!

More Great Cross Stitch Designs Free to Download

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