Log Lady Decor: Free Twin Peaks Cross Stitch Chart

This week we are revisiting my teens with a visit to Twin Peaks. It is pretty easy for me to imagine this kitschy cross stitch hanging above the toilet in the Log Lady's bathroom. I am not even going to ask you if you get that because it is far too brilliant to justify itself. Just like the Log Lady. That chick KNEW. STUFF.

If  you know someone for whom the owls are not what they seem why not stitch this one up. They'll love you more than cherry pie. Right click and Save As to get the full size chart. There are only four colours and I am sure you can pick the mix that suits you your crazy geeky wallowing-in-90s-teen-angst-nostalgia friend.

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sewphie said...

LOVE this!

missy-tannenbaum said...

This pattern is fantastic! As soon as I saw it, I looked to see if I had enough fabric on hand to make it. Thank you so much for posting it!

Hancock said...

If you stitch it please share the results with us!

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