Give Someone the Side-Eye. Literally. In Cross Stitch!

Hello peoples! It's been a while and I would have to say that my charting mojo has been a bit depressed for a few weeks.Getting back into it with this little chart. Sometimes you just have to put something out there, no matter how small, to get back into a routine.

Do you ever have the feeling that there is someone in your life you have to prove yourself to. Like you are in a particular position or have achieved something because you worked really hard for it but there is this one person who is kind of new to you and they aren't sure how you got where you are because you don't fit the mould? So every time you are in the same room you get this feeling like they are giving you the side eye. Scoping you out. Wondering what makes you so fan-fucking-tastic.

Yes? Well that makes this cross stitch chart semi autobiographical for the both of us.

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