Fart: Free Mini Cross Stitch Sampler

I made this little cross stitch sampler some time ago but never posted the chart. I was exploring traditional cultural cross stitch motifs but got bored. Hence the "Fart".

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What I was trying to do with this one is improve my cross stitch design skills by starting at the most basic level of stylized traditional sampler motifs. If you are just starting out designing your own charts that is a great place to begin.

But FART... Come on... you gotta love THAT. I just find the word hilarious. I only  have to think "FART" and I will start giggling. But it is the word fart rather what it is that I find funny. Dunno why. Guess my brain is  ticklish.

My mom loves this one. Maybe your mom would love it too? Great little stocking stuffer or hostess gift. It takes less than an hour to stitch.

If you don't fancy looking at your computer to read the chart don't worry. You can download the full size. 

Click on the picture above to view the full sized image
 Right click the full sized image with your mouse
Pick Save Picture As
Choose a location to save it on your computer

Then you can open it in your application of choice because it is a JPG. And Print it!

You can use what ever colour or colours you want with this one.

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Melanie L said...

Hi! I love this! It just makes me smile. I've just begun to get into cross stitching, myself. May I ask what font was used on this? Or did you design it yourself? Thanks!

Hancock said...

Hi Melanie, thanks for stopping by! It isn't a particular font. I designed the letters specially.

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