Panic Over, The Dumplings are Safe, Count Your Blessings

Apropos of nothing:

I thought my fridge was broken. Which was very upsetting, not the least because Bear and I loaded up on frozen dim sum on Saturday.

I don't handle little upsets like that very well.

But it turned out to be a blown fuse. I almost sent the nice people at BEKO a very angry letter. The fridge is only 2 years old.

Anyways that is one of the reasons why there is no chart today. I got up at 5:30 to find everything thawing out and sad and was faced with the prospect of trying to get the money together for a new fridge. Which made me sad and upset and stressed out. Which makes it difficult for me to do happy things like make cross stitch charts!

Then I decided to count my frikkin' blessings! I can afford a new fridge if I really needed one which is far more than a lot of people these days. It just really burned that the thing is less than 2 years old and seemed to need replacing. Not a great return on investment.

Have you had any little upsets lately that made you count your blessings too?

And then I felt silly for not applying my usual good sense to a situation by checking the sockets and fuses. Duh...

I called Bear. Before and after. He made me feel better and didn't laugh at me.


I am sort of happier now that I realised that I have my health and tons of other things that people do with out and I am hoping to get back to charting tomorrow.

Not that it matters but the chart I was going to do today was going to be a mouse and a mouse. There was a little mouse adventure yesterday!

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