Remembrance Week! Free Paw Print Cross Stitch Pattern to Remember Your Pet

Free Rainbow Bridge Paw Print Cross Stitch Pattern. Commemorative Cross Stitch Pet Frame.

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Remembrance Week! Five New Free Cross Stitch Patterns to Help You Get Back to Basics and Commemorate. 

It's Remembrance Day this week and that always puts me in a contemplative mood. It had me thinking about getting back to basics. I know I put out a lot of nifty free cross stitch patterns on here but sometimes what you really need is a cross stitch pattern to commemorate a date or mark a memory and that needs a simple elegant approach.

So this week is all about giving you some options and tools to create and save memories in cross stitch without getting to worried about customisation or whatnot. Maybe you have a loved one in the services, or perhaps know a couple getting married. Maybe you have lost a beloved pet or just want to send a simple message. There will definitely be something useful for you this week.

If you have ever had a pet then you will know the pain of losing that furry, feathery, or scaly friend. This free paw print cross stitch pattern is for anyone who would like to commemorate they animal companion in cross stitch. It features cross stitch paw prints and a cross stitch rainbow frame. The cross stitch rainbow is done in soft pastel colours. Just add the name and dates of your fur baby to this free cross stitch frame for a lovely cross stitch memory.

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Click here to go to the full size image in a new tab and then just right click and Save As on that image. The marks etc are much clearer on the full size image that you download.

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November Patreon Exclusive! Cross Stitch Autumn Pumpkin Sampler

There's a brand new Patreon exclusive cross stitch pattern to download today! I love the fall and all of the lovely earthy autumn colours inspired this cross stitch pumpkin sampler. It's available to download as a multi-page PDF today. Just $2 gets you at least three exclusive designs, like this one, per month. Click the link to subscribe and download.

Cross Stitch Autumn Pumpkin Sampler
Available Now

November Patreon Exclusive! Cross Stitch Christmas Tree Lights Font

To celebrate the start of the holiday season Patreon subscribers can download this cross stitch Christmas tree light font. All the letters from A to Z plus 0-9. Create your own cross stitch messages and gift tags! Just $2 gets you at least three exclusive designs per month. Click the link to subscribe and download.

Cross Stitch Christmas Tree Lights Font
Now Available

October Patreon Exclusive Cross Stitch Patterns Still Available! 

Subscribe for just $2 per month and get THREE awesome exclusive cross stitch patterns (PDF download) per month. Here are October's exclusive patterns.

October Patreon Exclusive! Owl Always Love You!

October Patreon Exclusive! Nautical Notes Cross Stitch Poster

October Patreon Exclusive! Craft Beer Cross Stitch Poster

epic craft beer cross stitch pattern
available now

Anatomical Heart Cross Stitch Pattern

anatomical heart cross stitch pattern to download
available now

August and September Patreon Bonus Cross Stitch Designs Still Available. Click here to see all of the August and September Cross Stitch Designs.

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Free Cross Stitch Wedding Sampler Pattern. Boho Style Cross Stitch Frame

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free classic cross stitch font pattern free to download

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