The Octis Are Back! For a St. Patrick's Day Cross Stitch Chart

These little octis, or Octochauns, are celebrating St. Patrick's Day by donning the colours of the Irish flag and toting a four leaf clover. I am not really sure what clover's have to do with a mythical snake hating missionary but what the hey. It's an excuse to have a couple of cephalopods wear tiny hats.

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Right click and save as to download. You will need light green, dark grean, orange, white, and black.

If you like these octis maybe you would like to stitch up a few more for your favourite holiday? Check them out!

1 comment:

Tee* said...

Hey there. I was curious as to what your rules and things are concerning people using your cross stitch charts to make items to sell on etsy or other like websites? I know some creators do not allow their free patterns to be used for sale items, but others are okay with it as long as the seller states where they found the pattern and whatnot.
I did try to locate this info on the blog and on your facebook page. I'm sorry if its written somewhere and I missed it. :)
Thanks so much for making such super cute designs!

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