Mae Govannen! A Tolkien Elvish Welcome Cross Stitch Sampler

Make your guests or customers feel welcome with this Tolkien Elvish cross stitch sampler that says Mae Govannen (or Well Met) in the Quenya mode. It is a free download for your personal stitching pleasure.

I would like to imagine that, being immortal, Tolkien's elves have quite a lot of free time on their hands and might do a lot of cross stitching to pass the centuries.

I really liked how this one turned out. I am not very good at borders and this art nouveau-ish style frame is probably just about the best one I have done on a chart.

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mae govannen, tolkien cross stitch sampler

This chart can be downloaded from my Google Docs by clicking on the image above or this LINK

To print: click the File link at the top left just under the document title and then select Print from the drop down menu.

To save: select Download Original from the drop down menu

The DMC thread colour key is included in the chart. It is a very simple colour scheme (only four colours) so you can easily swap the green for your favourite colour.

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