Everyone is a Little Bit Ewe-nique: A Rather Sheepish Free Cross Stitch Chart

As well as having a thing for sushi, I also seem to have a thing for sheep as a cross stitch chart subject. Maybe because the Bear is from The North where these woolly creatures abound on the gritstone peaks.

This is a big chart and I have put it up on Craftsy where you can download the PDF for FREE!

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This week's chart almost didn't happen! Creative energy has been low. This chart started with the sort of bobbly shape that is the sheep's body and I set myself a challenge to turn this shape into as many things I could think of. I ended up with a tree, a cloud, candy floss, and a sheep.

It was fun to do and there are more ideas for that shape.

This chart would make a great addition to a nursery and you can do it up in so many ways. You can do just one sheep. Or like this one, make the sheep all different colours!

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