October 18th Mud Colony Meet Up: All Wired Up!

Great to be back at Mud Colony this week after a couple of weeks away. Keeps me honest!

Not much clay happening this week but some very exciting happenings in the snail house (AKA the workshop)

I am all wired up for the winter!

With the dark and the cold immanent it was very worrying to be without light and heat in the workshop. It would mean not being able to work after work (I unfortunately have a day job). The Bear did it all on Sunday. Haven't got the over head lights in yet (that's next week) but I can plug in a lamp and my wheel.

It isn't wired directly into my mains. It is really just a glorified extension cord with a surge protector at one end. I am soooooo happy that it is now in.

Here is a little critter from the glaze fire I did just before I went away. There were some surprising results.

There has been no throwing for three weeks and I am dreading getting back to it. There is quality time scheduled with the discus this weekend.

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