Quick Apres Holiday Blog Catch Up

Hello peoples! Want to give you a peek at the week ahead and let you know what all has been going on.

I have been away for two weeks on vacation which is why there hasn't been a chart for a little while but I would have to say that you guys are pretty awesome because you have been visiting me anyways!

Stay tuned to the blog this week for:

Mid Week Mud Colony Update
I haven't been in the workshop but there were some exciting goings on in there on Sunday that I need to report on. That will be on Wednesday.

Christmas Cross Stitch Chart Compendium
There may not be a new cross stitch chart this week (will see how I get on with the unpacking!) so instead there will be a handy listing of all my Christmas cross stitch charts. Of course ALL the charts would make great Christmas gifts (except for that one exceptionally sweary one maybe) but there are some more seasonal ones. That will be on Friday.

Cross Stitch Give Away
Yes indeed! There will be a little give away going on for you cross stitchers this week. I picked up a couple Portuguese cross stitch magazines and will run a little prize draw for them. Don't worry if you don't speak Portuguese as the charts are quite readable in any lingo. Stay tuned to the blog for details of the magazines and how to enter. Not sure what day this will be. Like Hancock's House of Happy's page on facebook or follow @houseofhappy on twitter to get the notice!

Here are some happy things that came out of the last glaze fire before I went away. See anything you like? Make me an offer. I need some new kiln shelves.

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