Get Your Nuts Out! These Cross Stitch Squirrels Are SOOOO Demanding!

So today's free cross stitch chart features two rather demanding squirrels. It started out with good intentions of being a cute cuddly little woodland motif sampler.

Fail. I just cannot help myself. But really this is a very versatile cross stitch sampler that is great for so many occasions: wedding (newly weds would be tickled to get this), birthday, Christmas, first date. I will leave that up to you.

If you right click and Save As on the second image (the one just above) you will get the full size chart. It is almost too large to have on the blog but considering what happened to Love Ewe, it is doubtful Craftsy would keep it posted.

If you stitch this chart let me know in the comments or post it up in the flickr group.

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