Pyrexophilia! A Vintage Pyrex Pattern Cross Stitch Sampler Chart

I am so excited about this new free cross stitch chart. It is a big band sampler featuring vintage Pyrex patterns. Don't know about you but I can't NOT buy vintage Pyrex when I see it in a charity or thrift shop. Even though my kitchen has almost no storage in it. I HAVE to have it. Not because it is really practical durable kitchen ware (which it is) but because of my Mom (I love you Mom!).

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If you are a person of a certain generation you are probably wallowing in a great big pile of gooey nostalgia right now. I want my Mom to live forever but if she doesn't there are only two things I want left to me: her Great Canadian Cookbook from her university days at Mac Institute in Guelph and her 1960's Pyrex mixing bowls.

How many times did I get to lick the spoon after she used those harvest gold beauties to mix up a batch of brownies? Mother's Day is coming up for us Canadians and Americans and a few other nations (Australia too maybe?). Would this not be THEEE BEST way to say I Love You Mom!

Living in England now it is difficult to get vintage Pyrex. I have managed to bag two mixing bowls in Gooseberry (one white and one yellow) and a lidless double casserole in Pink Daisy. I know there are all sorts of shops online catering to this weird obsession but somehow just going out and buying it doesn't really fit with the vintage "find" ethos.

I have seen all sorts of HORRIBLE things done to vintage Pyrex. Some people make it into jewellery and I have also seen it defiled to make lamp shades. SHAME! This stuff does not need repurposing. It is so completely useful and enduring doing what it was made to do! And I think that is another reason why I love it. It was made to last.

Anyways if you want the chart it is posted up at Google Docs (because it is MASSIVE).

Here is the LINK. As usual the DMC colour key is included in the chart but you are free to use your preferences. You will need Adobe PDF reader to open and print it.

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sewphie said...

So pretty!

Destiny said...

This is sooooooo cool! Thanks for sharing it! :)

Rycrafty said...

Adorable! Although it doesn't have my personal favourite pattern - the woodland mushroom one! I have so many bowls in that pattern!

Ruby Murray said...

Gorgeous, love it

Jennifer said...

Awesome. THANK YOU!!!!! Vintage pyrex will forever bring me wonderful memories of my grandmother.

Precious Crafts said...

These patterns would make the perfect table runners to complement the pyrex set on the table. Thanks for sharing.:D

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

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