First Class Ticket to SEXY Town Free Cross Stitch Chart!

What the helll happened to me? No, seriously I have no idea what I have been doing. Not posting free cross stitch charts apparently. Sorry peoples, it is a small one today to fill the gap. Gees, I even meant to post a newsletter this week. Don't know what happened to that.

Also I don't know what has happened to the blog recently. My page views have tanked in the last six weeks or so. It's weird. I haven't been posting less. Fuck you Google.

The best thing about stitching this First Class Ticket to Sexy Town chart is that the person you give it to can redeem it again and again! I would like make a little pillow out of it and leave it in strategic places for my main squeeze to find.

Sexy town vintage bus ticket free cross stitch chart sample

Right click and Save As! I leave the colours up to you.

Sexy town vintage bus ticket free cross stitch chart download

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