Don't Make Me Poke You: Snarky Geometric Ombre Narwhal Cross Stitch Pattern (Free Download!)

ombre geometric narwhal silhouette cross stitch pattern chart pattern download free pixel art perler bead

The ombre geometric animal silhouette cross stitch pattern is pretty trendy right now. Narwhal cross stitch patterns are always trendy. And I am incurably snarky. This would also be a good pattern for pixel art or perler beads.

This narwal cross stitch pattern is more of an experiment for me. I was just playing around with backgrounds and vector graphics and colours.

The result is a free cross stitch pattern for you to download. You can leave out the snarkyness if you want to but I would be disappointed. If I were a narwhal I would spend most of my time poking fish in the butt and then running away.

Getting the geometric pattern and colouring it was what took the most effort here. Let me know on the facebook page if you would be interested in like a video tutorial for creating a chart like this.

It really helps me out if you Share it!

Thanks for sharing!

ombre geometric narwhal silhouette cross stitch pattern chart pattern download free pixel art perler bead

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