Mid-Century Madness: Free Country Style Mid-Century Cross Stitch Sampler Design Part II

Mid-Century Madness: Free Country Style Mid-Century Cross Stitch Sampler Design Part II

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Welcome to Part II of the mid-century modern cross stitch sampler series. A new panel of this mid-century modern cross stitch pattern is free to download. Collect them all to stitch the whole design.

Today we have the top middle segment to download for free.

This mid-century cross stitch design was so much fun to create and is so flexible. It uses only three colours: Orange (in two tones), Green (in two tones) and a neutral. That means you can substitute the orange and green for two colours that you would prefer! Super easy to substitute.

You can also leave out the motif in the middle of the design and stitch the occasion, names, and dates of your choice. I think this would make a really cool baby or wedding sampler with the details put into the centre square.

While the colours and design are simple, there is A LOT of back stitch on this one. Think of it as an opportunity to practice this essential cross stitching skill.

I will be releasing one panel per day for the next eight week days so make sure you check back to collect them all.

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Just right click and choose Save As to download the full size cross stitch pattern for free.

Mid-Century Madness: Free Country Style Mid-Century Cross Stitch Sampler Design Part II

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