Mental Health Monsters Week! The Impostor Monster Free Snail Cross Pattern to Download

The Impostor Snail Cross Stitch Pattern for Mental Health Day.

The Impostor Monster Free Snail Cross Pattern to Download

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A week of cross stitch mental health monsters to celebrate World Mental Health Day on October 10th!

It's Mental Health Monsters Week! A whole week of free cross stitch designs to raise awareness of mental health around the world! I have never been shy about the fact that I have a chronic mental health problem with both depression and anxiety. Cross stitch was one of the things that really helped me during recovery from a really bad depressive episode. I have a complicated relationship with my brain. There are lots of monsters living up there that I have to wrangle and manage and have really awkward conversations with. Sometimes they even try to kill me.

Visualising some of my mental health issues as cute monsters that I can have a dialog with (and tell to shut up and fuck off) is a helpful tactic for me. These aren't aspects of my personality. They are separate from me and sometimes come to visit and make my life difficult. Learning to recognise them was hard and I have learned to deal with them when they pop up now and again.

Mental health awareness is an important cause and close to my heart. So many people suffer in silence because for some reason, what goes on in the brain that is attached to the rest of our body, is something to be more ashamed of than other diseases and disorders.

One in four people will have some sort of mental health issue at least once in their lives. Talk about your monsters. Get help. There are people out there who feel like you feel and can help you get better. You are not alone.

Today the free monster cross stitch pattern is The Impostor. I am sure that the concept of Fake It Til You Make It is familiar to most people. And I am a big believer in FITYMI. Not sure what you are doing? Well, just pretend that you do and that will actually give you the confidence to learn as much as you can as fast as you can. I'll let you in on a little secret here: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. We are all just faking it til we make it most of the time.

But sometimes it just doesn't work. In this free cross stitch pattern you have me (as my alter ego and spirit animal The Snail) on the left all happy and confident. And I can be genuinely happy and confident. And on the right is The Impostor. And that sad snail is wearing a literal mask of happy confidence while beneath the poor thing is absolutely miserable and anxious and terrified.

It's a funny one this one because the monster is actually me. And for people with anxiety and depression and other mental health issues this is a huge and horrible thing to comes to terms with: that there is something wrong, the way you feel isn't normal, and it feels like there is nothing you can do about it. People keep telling you to cheer up or grow up or (ugh this is the worst) "be a man". So you learn to hide it and put a face on and everyone thinks you are fine until one day you are at the bottom of a pit so deep and dark that you can't remember what light is.

Well... that escalated quickly...

Look, by now some of you are probably going "wtf is she talking about? what a downer!". But this is a reality for one quarter of us humans at some time in our lives. It is dark and serious and people die just like they do from cancer if it isn't caught soon enough. Mental health is a serious and difficult issue but it is getting easier for us to talk about it. So talk about it. To your friends, to your boss, to your kids. And listen. REALLY listen to the people around you. You'll soon know if they are actually fine or just putting mask on because they don't want to bother anyone with something they can't even explain to themselves.

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Click here to go to the full size image in a new tab and then just right click and Save As on that image. The marks etc are much clearer on the full size image that you download.

The Impostor Monster Free Snail Cross Pattern to Download

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