Oldie But Goodie: Programmer Cross Stitch Chart

This quick little techie cross stitch chart, perfect for the programming geek boy or girl in your life, was a design I did a few years ago now that made teeny tiny little waves in this vast and unending sea of crap we call the interwebs.

I was rather proud. It was on Craft Magazine's site and Craft Gossip and everything. Well, actually those two were it.

Anyways... when steaming through Debenhams (the picture they have of Jasper Conran in there gives me the creeps) to get to the drug store yesterday I saw that there was Christmas stuff already on display.

Which made me do two things:

1) Throw up a little bit in my mouth

2) Realize that if I want to give anything hand made to anyone for the coming non-denominational winter festival I had better get a move on.

And so should you.

Get stitching y'all!

when in doubt rem it out when in doubt comment it out free cross stitch chart

All my other free charts are there on flickr for your stitching delectation. I will be posting up my past Christmas charts and I hope to do some new ones this year as well.

In other news I am kiln shopping tomorrow. So for all you who are eagerly awaiting new even-star ceramic creations the time may be at hand!

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