Growls Are Now for Sale! Pair of Ceramic Gargoyle Owls

This mom and baby pair of Growls would love to come home to roost on your mantle piece.

This is a unique opportunity to invest in the work of an up and coming ceramic artist. Me.

Yes indeed!

Mom is about 4 inches tall and baby is about 2 inches tall. They are handmade of white earthenware clay. They have then been selectively glazed with burgundy, deep brown, and full moon yellow.

All of my creatures are single one off creations and bear my maker*s mark (e*) somewhere on them so you know that your piece is an even-star Hancock original. This owlish pair are a bargain because you get two pieces for the price on one!

This piece was hand sculpted (not cast in a mold) from white earthenware clay, dried, sanded, bisque fired in a kiln, sanded again for a smooth finish, painted with under glazes, over glazed, and finally glaze fired to 1000 degrees celcius. Not sure what that is in real money. My aunt once gave me a secret conversion formula involving crickets but I have forgotten it and there aren't any crickets here.

Many hours go into the making of an even-star original and they are a unique investment.

It takes 6-8 hours (not including a total of 16 hours on the kiln for two firings) to make one of my even-star originals. They are all hand built and hand painted original designs. I don't use molds or casting. So while it may seem a bit pricey I am not really even making minimum wage on my pieces yet.

Take the opportunity now to invest in a work of art that will only appreciate in value. Who knows? You might get the bug and bequeath to your grandchildren a vast and multimillion dollar collection of sculpture.

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