The Tickler! He Would Love to be Yours

Just listed this guy at the shop. He is one of my favourites from the last firing.

He is about 4 inches tall and handmade of white earthenware clay. He has then been selectively glazed with bright blues and a deep brown. Some areas have been left unglazed leaving the natural colour and texture of the bright white clay to come through.

All of my creatures are single one off creations and bear my maker's mark (e*) somewhere on them so you know that your piece is an even-star Hancock original.

This piece was hand sculpted (not cast in a mold) from white earthenware clay, dried, sanded, bisque fired in a kiln, sanded again for a smooth finish on the unglazed areas, painted with under glazes, selectively over glazed, and finally glaze fired to 1000 degrees celcius. Not sure what that is in real money. My aunt once gave me a secret conversion formula involving crickets but I have forgotten it and there aren't any crickets here.

He is hollow and very light weight (doesn't eat much) and simply refuses to get out of his pjs.

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