Lonely Little Onion Cross Stitch Chart

I don't know if I have ever shared on the blog that I have a chronic depressive condition known as dysthamia. I took up cross stitch as a way of combating depression. There are ups and downs and right now I am in a bit of a trough. That might be what inspired this sad little onion cross stitch chart.

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I took to designing my own charts because the mainstream magazines and books and things didn't really have patterns that reflected my personality or state of mind. It's not all sad though! I like this onion so much there might be more veg charts. 

Fruit and veg have always had certain personalities. Carrots are smart, grapefruits are angry, grumpy turnips, smug apples. And then there is the evil EEEVEEEEL cucumber. The Bond villain of the produce world. The James Bond of the produce world probably be the shallot or asparagus. Asparagus always struck me as horny.


Chopping onions makes me cry. Every. Single. Time. So now, whenever possible, I get Bear to chop them for me. He likes chopping stuff. When he isn't here I have to wear swimming goggles.

Right click and Save As. The DMC colour key is included in the chart!

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