Totally Amazing Awesome and Lazy Announcement.

I have to admit it. I have been a totally lazy blogger for about three or four weeks. The break has been good in a way and I have needed it. My creative flow has been disrupted by day job stress and relationship stress and all sorts of other self obsessive stresses.

C’est la vie.

Today is a quick update to inform you all of how self obsessed I am with my stresses and also share an amazing thing.


While this is not going to exactly pay the mortgage it is a step in the direction I want to go.

Now go and buy the latest issue of &Stitches. It is awesome and my new cross stitch chart is in it and lots of other really cool embroidery projects and people.

Here is a little summary
On July 2nd the third issue of &Stitches is out. Theme of this issue is ‘Oriental Inspirations’. The Far East offers a lot of beautiful and inspiring needlework techniques and we realise we’re only scratching the surface with this issue! 
Our featured designer of Issue 3 is Wendi Gratz ( Wendi has designed a fabulous set of Konoboi patterns (Japanese Carp flags) especially for &Stitches. We talk to her about wha inspires her work.
We also interview Jenny Hart of  Sublime Stitching ( and find out why she thinks embroidery is so awesome.
Both Nicole and Carina have contributed  an Oriental flavoured pattern: a so called Japanese ‘Lucky cat’ and a Cherry blossom pattern.         
There are a couple of ‘firsts’ in this issue as well: even-star Hancock ( contributes the very first cross stitch pattern  featured in  &Stitches. It’s called Chinese Lanterns. And we have a new feature called ‘Stitch Challenge’, where three stitchers take up the challenge to master the Pekinese Stitch and share their experiences with us. 
Angela  Salisbury of Sak√© Puppets ( us to Sashiko stitching, including an extensive tutorial. There are other ‘how to’s’ as well (shisha, Pekinese stitch), reviews and much more to read and enjoy! &Stitches is only available through the &Stitches website:    
Nicole and Carina (the brains and talent behind &Stitches) are two lovely and amazing people. I have so enjoyed my experience working with them.

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Maple Girl said...

That is so cool! I love the lanterns patterns, and I think you're so talented. And so clever! I can not make my own patterns. But I love the whimsy of yours. Have you checked out Her art and your stitching ability would be killer combo.

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