Home Sweet Home: The Last Minute Cross Stitch Chart

Hi folks! Got a free cross stitch chart for you today. I know I usually do the free chart on Friday. But this is my blog and I can post what I like when I like and I like to post a free chart today!

This little sampler was done for Bear's sister who had her birthday on the weekend. I had planned to give her one of my clay creatures that I make and I made her one specially but because of the damp weather it was not dry in time to fire.

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I had to fall back to my other free present standby. A cross stitch. I think she liked it.

This only took three or four hours to stitch up and the colours evolved as I went along. You can change them to use your own colour scheme. It would be a great house warming or hostess gift.

Just in case you were curious, this is the creature waiting to go in the kiln. It's a wuss. There are lots of them hanging around the house so if you want one let me know and I can put it on etsy to purchase. They don't eat much but wreak havoc with the drains. All that hair you see. You can go for a short hair. Much less grooming.

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