Happy Birthday Mud Colony

Hello there peoples! Time for a Mud Colony workshop update. Mud Colony is a weekly blog hop for ceramic artists and potters. We all post what we have been working on during the week. If you want to see what it happening in the world of contemporary pottery and ceramics check it out!

Mud Colony is officially a year old. Happy Birthday!

As you can see the creature factory has been running full tilt this week. I have a couple new designs. Having the electric in the shed is amazing. It takes about ten minutes for the space heater to warm it up and it gets very toasty. I spend about two hours a day after work in there and also what ever spare time I have on the weekend. In your face winter!

This is a dust bunnai. I was inspired to make it after having a clean out under the bed. I am thinking that if I put a dust bunnai under there it might ward of the dust bunnies. Or perhaps the dust bunnies will worship it as a gawd.

This is a moggai.

Lots of little pigs as well.

There is almost enough for a bisque fire in my little kiln. Keen to see how the new stoneware comes out. If it will have any more colour than the white earthenware.

I have also been doing some post production. I had these little bird forms knocking around and there was something about them that felt unfinished. They weren't just good enough to have sit on a shelf and look pretty. So I got out the good old dremel and some craft bits I had and turned them into these.

MUCH better.

All pieces are potentially up for sale so if you are interested please contact me hancockshouseofhappy at googlemail dot com.

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