Social Media Experiment Fail and A Free Fruity Cross Stitch Chart for Your Valentine

Ok so about this time last year I tried a little social media experiment on a few charts. There was this thing where you could post a file and in order for someone to get the file (such as a cross stitch chart) they first had to tweet about it.

Have you stitched up a Hancock's House of Happy cross stitch chart? Tell me about it and I will post you pic or link on the blog!

This Valentine theme sampler is one of those cross stitch charts I tried to get people to tweet for. You can see the original post HERE.

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Great. Big. Fail.

And I am not sure why. I guess FAIL is the wrong word. Experiments don't fail as such. They either prove or disprove an hypothesis and present the experimenter with evidence that can be used to formulate further hypotheses in order to build up a theory based on repeatable, predictable, and demonstrable results.

My results could be construed in a few ways that I can't be bothered to explore further:

  1. Very few of you tweet
  2. Very few of you have twitter accounts
  3. None of you feel my charts are worth a mention on a popular social media platform (let alone cash)
  4. None of you wanted to sign up for a twitter account
  5. The charts I chose to share this way were crap and not worth tweeting for (always a danger in the court of public opinion).

The first two would appear more likely because many of you do mention my charts on a popular social media platform (pinterest). Just not on twitter. Pinterest was not really a THING this time last year so I don't have a set of comparable results. I must confess that I have never really got into the twitter thing myself.

Anyways the whole point of this post is that I have been going through the posts where I did this Tweet For It thing and putting the charts up on Craftsy where you don't have to do anything to get them. Apart from sign up to Craftsy which doesn't benefit me directly in any way. But it does benefit you because for just your email address you get access to tons of great free crafting content. Including my cross stitch charts.

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