Lady Geeks Rejoice! Hang This SHA-256 Cross Stitch in Your Cubicle and Never Get Patronised or Mistaken for a PA Ever Again.

Because it is 2013, I have been a highly qualified and able technical professional for over ten years, and this still happens. And it really gets me down sometimes.

Not necessarily on my own behalf but it makes me sad for humanity. That we can't just see humans and not assume anything about the humans we see until we get to know them. I think we have held ourselves back as a species by hundreds of years because we can't hear a voice until we label it and give it a value based on the label rather than what it says.   

You can just stitch the silhouette but maybe you know a woman in technology who would appreciate the dark humour.

Sorry peoples. Not so happy today! I am just tired I suppose. There will be a spiffier chart soon and also the newsletter will be coming out next month! Lots of work still to do setting that up.

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