Muthafuckingoddamnsexyrussian SPACE GECKOs

Germany Invades. JFK Shot. Berlin Wall Falls. Anna Nicole Found Dead. All headlines from simpler times. Today there was a headline in the news that truly is one for OUR times: Russian Sex Geckos Die in Orbit.

This needed a cross stitch chart.

Mother fucking sexy space geckos. Thank you Russia for crazy ass horny zero G lizards. It fills me with such joy to think that, after a rigorous selection process, grueling months of training, and a course in sensual massage, GECKOs were shot into space to sex it up in orbit. And it fills me with such sadness that these little pioneers of space sex did not make it back to Earth alive. We can take comfort in the fact that they must have had a WHALE of a time before snuffing it.

Godspeed little geckos! You go before us and we salute your sacrifice for science.

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