I Like Big Butts I Cannot Lie! Free Geek Gardener Water Butt Cross Stitch Chart

I Like Big Butts I Cannot Lie! Free Geek Gardener Water Butt Cross Stitch Chart #crossstitch chart #free #download for a #gardener
Free cross stitch chart below!

I am pretty sure every variation of the classic Sir Mix-A-Lot song Baby Got Back from Mack Daddy has been rendered in cross stitch somewhere: Big books, big cups, big cats etc etc etc.

Every variation except the most obvious one. An actual big butt. Water butt that is! I LOVE my new big water butt. It harvests rain water and helps me cut down on my water bill. Not to mention it's environmentally friendly. But I am a bit of a gardening geek. I cannot lie.

This is a free download! Just right click and "save as" for the big PNG file.

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Here is a sneak peak at the first exclusive chart!

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