Tentacular Spectacular Week: Free Cute Kawai Passive Aggressive Jellyfish Cross Stitch Design to Download

Tentacular Spectacular Week: Free Cute Kawai Passive Aggressive Jellyfish Cross Stitch Design to Download

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Welcome to day two of Tentacular Spectacular week! Four new and absolutely free cross stitch patterns featuring some of my favourite tentacle sporting creatures.

Today we have a free cross stitch design for a cute kawaii jellyfish! Who is also rather annoyed with the fools around them. They don't want to hug you but they will. You don't want to get hugged by a jellyfish believe me. I once got hugged by a jellyfish and it was an extremely unpleasant experience.

I love jellies because they must be some of the most laid back creatures in the universe. They just float and go with the flow. They also don't seem to have any sort of brain to make their lives a misery. It is very difficult to be burdened by decisions when you don't have a brain. Maybe that is why this jelly is so annoyed. Someone asked them to make a decision and for a jelly that is simply unacceptable behaviour!

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Just right click and choose Save As to download the full size cross stitch pattern for free.

Tentacular Spectacular Week: Free Cute Kawai Passive Aggressive Jellyfish Cross Stitch Design to Download

Coming to Patreon in August

I just finished creating a multi-page cross stitch pattern for my Patreons which will be available in August. This friendly bear in the woods is over a foot square and uses an impressive 35 colours! It will be available to download as a PDF. All you need to do is click on the link below to sign up for just $2 per month.

Giant Bear in the Woods Cross Stitch Design on Patreon

There will be three Patreon exclusive cross stitch designs in August which have a retail value of $15 so by signing up even for just one month you get all three for $2. Plus some neat-o printables.

Here are two more exclusive charts coming to Patreon in August. If you don't want to subscribe through Patreon but would like to stitch one of these charts, they will be available for sale to buy separately.

Panda Cross Stitch Design on Patreon

Llama and Sloth Cross Stitch Design on Patreon

Missed yesterday's free cross stitch design? It was a groovy octopus

Tentacular Spectacular Week! Groovy Psychedelic Octopus Cross Stitch Design to Download for Free

Make sure you check back tomorrow for the next tentacular spectacular free cross stitch pattern to download.

Tentacular Spectacular Week! Groovy Chambered Nautilus Cross Stitch Design to Download for Free

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