Realistic Snail Cross Stitch Pattern Free to Download

Realistic Snail Cross Stitch Pattern Free to Download

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A whole month of animal cross stitch designs free to download!

Remember that August is a whole month of animal cross stitch designs with a new free cross stitch pattern to download coming out every single week day.

Today's absolutely free cross stitch pattern is a realistic looking snail. I like how it looks like it's looking off into the distance. Like it's day dreaming.

I'll come right out and say it: the snail is my power animal. A soft squishy creature with a hard shell that eats a lot of salad and loves beer. The snail and I have a lot in common to be sure. I sometimes disappear into by shell for hours or days at a time. It's comfortable in there with everything I need. But there are times, like when I need salad or beer, that I enjoy coming out and having adventures and travelling.

What's your power animal?

I would say this is a sort of medium beginners cross stitch design. There are some subtle colour changes in there but it looks more difficult than it is. It also isn't a huge cross stitch pattern and you could probably finish in a weekend. You could also change up the colours used for the shell if yellow isn't your favourite thing. You just need four tones of the same colour from super saturated to light.

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Just right click and choose Save As to download the full size cross stitch pattern for free. The markings will be clearer on the full size image you download.

Realistic Snail Cross Stitch Pattern Free to Download

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