Four Llamas and a Font! Five New Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Four Free Llama Cross Stitch Patterns and a Free Cross Stitch Font

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Ask and ye shall receive. Well... sometimes. I would have to say that I love asking you guys what free cross stitch patterns you would like to see on the site because sometimes I get really stumped as to what to do next. So if you have a good idea for a free cross stitch pattern for the website, checkout the link to the facebook page there and leave a comment on the latest post. 

This week you are getting llamas because someone said they would like to see some llamas. Apart from Monday when you got a colourful modern cross stitch font. Trust me, there will be llamas for the rest of the week.

I wasn't sure if I should do llamas for like a WHOLE week but why not? There will be a llama for all tastes and temperaments. This free llama cross stitch chart is certainly fabulous. Such a luxurious fleece! Llamas have fleece right? It's not a coat or hair or something else? I have always thought of them like camel shaped sheep. And they always seem to be wearing great accessories. If only I could accessorise like a llama. 

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