To A Mouse! Free Robert Burns Cross Stitch Chart

Burns Night is coming up! Why not celebrate the Scottish poet and his words with cross stitch? This To A Mouse cross stitch chart is free for you to download for your personal stitching pleasure. Look at the little mices! Or is it mouses? Meece?

I put this chart up last year with a link to GoogleDocs. It has been switched to Craftsy now as a PDF which will hopefully be easier for you to print out when you download it. With Burns Night just a few days away it seemed a good time to re-post!

Looking for more charts? Check out my free chart page!
Download the PDF cross stitch chart for free at Craftsy. Just click HERE! The DMC colour key is included.

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Thanks for sharing!

I don't think they are particularly tim'rous. They look down right cheeky if you ask me!

I had the idea for this chart when I had an unexpected mouse adventure at work. One of the poor little creatures had some how got up to the landing and was hiding behind the water cooler. There was another woman there freaking out. I picked up the mouse (no bigger than my thumb) and put it outside. No idea why some people are afraid of them!

Are you afraid of mice?

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