You Win or You Die: Free Game of Thrones Cross Stitch Chart

Why not whip up this Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones cross stitch sampler while you are waiting for the next instalment of George R. R. Martin's epic tale of power and politics in Westeros. It is Win or Die. The pattern is also a free! It features the infamous Iron Throne and knives and stuff. Perfect for your desk or cubicle at work.

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Win or Die Game of Thrones Cross Stitch. Get the Pattern Below.

I have to admit that I have been reluctantly sucked in by Game of Thrones. I read the first book AGES ago. Before they made it into a TV series. I didn't really like it. Old George has some issues. Like Piers Anthony, Martin seems to believe that men are constantly looking for sex and if they can't get it from their wives, promiscuous willing girls or prostitutes, they turn into rape machines.

He makes his women ambitious and interesting but also makes them totally unfit to wield the power they hanker after. If a woman wants to rule she has to become a man or have a man to act for her. Only the male is suited to be in charge. His women are always pawns in the game of thrones. There to be used by men to cement alliances or obtain wealth. Females seeking to escape this fate appear to come to a sticky end. Or are endlessly patronised by the males they encounter.

Those are pretty big disservices to both sexes and they pander to some really damaging, and frankly boring, stereotypes.

In spite of myself I did watch the TV show when it came out and it breathed life into what I suddenly realised was a rape and torture ridden tale of office politics.

All of those people in those books? I realised that I work with them. Minus the rape-iness and stabbiness.

  • The disinterested and out of touch king Robert
  • The psychotically ambitious Little Finger
  • The power crazed yet incompetent Cersei
  • The spoiled prince Joffrey
  • The bumbling back stabbing Theon
  • The sell swords who will give their loyalty to the highest bidder
  • The whores and the outlaws

There aren't a lot of dragons in my office (not the fire breathing flying kind anyways) but there is black magic, quite a bit of smoke, ambition, game playing, and mirrors.

I was compelled to pick up the other volumes.

It's all there.The back stabbing, the brown nosing, the nice to your face while dropping you in the crap, the pissing contests and sexist banter. Secrets and lies. All of it.

Who am I do you ask? I, my friends, am what is known as Small Folk. I watch the game and have to weather the wrangling of my betters as best I can.

This is probably why the books have proved to popular. We are all small folk watching the same game.

If you don't fancy looking at your computer to read the chart don't worry. You can download the full size.
You need just three colours for this one: Lannister Red and Gold, and Black. You can use yellow instead of gold if you want to. ;-)
  • Click on the picture above to view the full sized image
  •  Right click the full sized image with your mouse
  • Pick Save Picture As
  • Choose a location to save it on your computer
  • Save!
Then you can open it in your application of choice because it is a JPG. And Print it!

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