Absofrikkinlootlee: A Most Enthusiastic and Free Cross Stitch Chart

Hello peoples! Happy Friday to you all. This is a cross stitch chart for a word I made up that would not be out of place ANYwhere and would be suitable for any occasion. Bed, bath, foyer. Births, graduations, marriages.

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You may be wondering what has happened to the Sharing buttons. I will get around to doing this at some point but I have been having trouble with the Pinterest button that needs some investigation and testing.

Not theeeeee most the ambitious chart. I have changed my life routine recently and am still getting used to it and figuring out when is the best time to do what. Like when can some cross stitch chart designing be done.

And SUMMER finally came this week and that has meant spending as much time as possible outside! Charting may be sketchy for a few weeks but I will always try to have a free one up on Friday.

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