Art Farty Fishy and Some Meanderings on the Creative Process

Been going through a bit of a strange phase creatively. I have all these ideas for cross stitch charts but when I start to get them down on paper the chart that comes out is something totally not even close to any of those ideas.

Like these rather arty folky mid-century fishy. These were meant to be a music stand and violin.

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Sometimes you just have to go where your instincts take you. Mine took me to fish. Go figure. I like them anyways.

I have included two charts. The first is to give you an idea of what you could do with a repeating pattern of them. It would look neato as a placemat or tray liner. Or even a cushion.

And then there are the motifs on their own. You could do so many things with these. They would be great stitched onto plastic canvas in all different colours for a mobile. Or stuffed for a little soft toy.

I will let you choose the colours!

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