Game On with The Guild! Free Codex Staff Cross Stitch Chart

I promised you some uber geekery over on facebook earlier this week and here it is: the staff of Codex from The Guild web series. In effing cross stitch!

There hasn't been a TV in my life for about five years now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE youtube. Which is where you find all sorts of amazing stuff you would not expect in a forum for home made video.

I recently discovered a Somalian food channel that made my taste buds self implode. Like I knew that people in Somalia must eat food but what amazing food! Anyways if you haven't seen The Guild click on the link up there.

There must be a gamer girl in your life who would love this. Man-stitching is so HOT doods.

Game on! This cross stitch chart is available in my Craftsy pattern bank and is totally FREE! CLICK HERE
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