I'll Be in My Shed: A Rather Informative Cross Stitch Chart

If you have been reading about my adventures here and on facebook you will know that I get up to more than a bit of cross stitch now and then.

My workshop is a 6'x6' shed that takes up about a fifth of my backyard. Tired of having to share my living space with a messy hobby and never being able to leave clay out I cleared out the shed and that is where I do my pottery now.

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The arrangement seems to be working so far. It is going to be tricky in the winter as there is no heat or light in there. There are plans to get some electricity in it this year so that working in the winter time will be more comfortable.

Do you have a determined shed dweller in your life? Maybe they would like this cross stitch!

I didn't know this but apparently shed working is like a THING.

However, I do feel that some of these people have no idea what a shed is. There has to be a certain level of deprivation and discomfort in order for a work space to qualify as a shed. Hot and cold running water, insulation, solar panels, and gas central heating are not features of a shed. That is a house. Some of these sheds people work in are bigger than my entire apartment!

To download the actual size chart click on the image above and then right click and save as. The DMC colour key is included in the chart.
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