Glazing Anxiety and Kiln Tetris: A Mid Week Mud Colony Update

Can't believe it is already time for another Mud Colony meet up! Spent most of this week glazing what came out of the bisque fire.

Kiln Tetris
OK peoples you really need to buy some of my stuff so I can afford to get some shelves for my kiln. I have one shelf and one set of posts and getting much of anything into a glaze firing is tricky. Think of it as a really specialised KickStarter campaign. For the amount specified for each item I will send you that item and I will buy some kiln furniture. Win Win.

I played a canny game of Kiln Tetris this morning to get as much in as I could. After I took the first picture and looked at it I KNEW it would go horribly wrong. so I tried again.

Much happier with the second configuration and I managed to get a few more little pieces in. This shows the top shelf only. The floor shelf was OK. Mostly creatures.

It is all baking now so it is the couch for me tonight. I won't be able to look until tomorrow night. My. Head. Asplode.

Throwing Update
No pic this week because I recycled everything but not because it was all a big FAIL. I am using smaller lumps of clay (about 1/2 pound) and I am having some success in getting a cylinder shape. Like a straight up and down cylinder. Still not happy with my positioning though. I got a different stool that is a bit lower than the chair I had and it is a bit better but there is still something not quite right.

Workshop Hiatus
I am going to be away for the next couple of weeks so no pottery going on but I will try to do a post from Portugal. We may go to see the Porches Pottery. When I get back I will be sorting out heat and light in the shed so that Winter doesn't mean No Pottery. Cuz I am total wuss and don't want to work in a freezing cold shed.

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