Oh What Joy! In an Octopus' Garden Cross Stitch Beatles Sampler

Hello peoples! I designed and stitched this chart for a friend of mine a little while ago. It is a Beatles themed cross stitched birth sampler. You see the space there is where you put the name and date or birth. This is one of those rare occasions where I actually did some stitching for once!

It is now available to download at Craftsy.

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Oh What Joy! Beatles themed cross stitch birth sampler. Download at Craftsy

This chart was too big to post up on the blog. Craftsy is a great way to share and find free crafty things. All you need to do is let them know your email address. Don't worry, they aren't spammy or anything and you get access to lots of great free crafting content. Like my cross stitch charts! I don't benefit directly from sending readers their way but I really like their site because it has enabled me to share bigger charts in a better way with you guys.

And don't forget to tell me about your Hancock's House of Happy stitching adventures. I have had many emails in the last little while from readers who have been doing great things with some of the free charts. I will be posting these up over the next few weeks.

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