Look at All the Colours! Vintage Pyrex Junkie Cross Stitch Chart

Hello peoples! I have been absent for a couple of weeks but am back with a new free cross stitch chart for you featuring some very vintage Pyrex.

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There are worse vices than an uncontrollable urge to scour charity and thrift stores for mid-twentieth century glass baking ware at any given opportunity. Such as the excited little SQUEE that escapes one when confronted with the entire contents of someone's poor recently deceased granny's kitchen cupboards crammed higgledy piggledy on the bargain shelf of the local Sally Anne.

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While I celebrate my good fortune there is a little sadness that the someone didn't appreciate how magical these things are. They obviously didn't spend hours in the kitchen with their (most likely) female relative waiting to lick out the bowl or learning to make THEEE BEST chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. They have no memory of the delicious alchemy that such practical and durable objects facilitated.

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