A Very Techy Cross Stitch Chart: System Architects Do It With Class

Hello peoples! There almost wasn't a cross stitch chart this week. Other things have been going on and inspiration has been diverted to other areas. But today at work I was doing quite a lot of tinkering with entity framework diagrams because microsoft visio totally sucks.

Seriously. Who the frick uses Visio for fricking ANYthing? It is possibly the most useless piece of enterprise crap on the market. Like the architects who develop Visio probably don't use it to do their specifications. Or they would know how SHYTE it is. Why does it even exist?

So I thought I would open this up for discussion. What is your day job? Is there a "standard" tool touted for your profession that is actually the worst thing anyone doing that job could use for doing that job?

Also do you have a rather niche calling for which there are few cross stitch charts? Maybe you know someone in an obscure field for whom you would like to stitch something but there just isn't anything out there for them.

Let me know peoples!

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