Reader of the Week: Love Ewe

Welcome to Reader of the Week. A Hancock's House of Happy regular feature showcasing the stitching talents of readers. If you have stitched a Hancock's House of Happy chart send me a link in the comments or in an email to hancockshouseofhappy at googlemail dot com. I will pick my fave and post it up. You will get a link and a picture in your very own post.

This week's RotW is Amy. She tackled these shameless sheep TWICE. And one, so I am told, is proudly displayed by her mom. Amy, your mom is awesome.

Update July 18, 2013

This chart used to be on googleDocs but I have now put it in the Craftsy pattern store. Clicky Clicky

This chart is back on google Docs because the good people at Craftsy received a complaint from a puritanical douchecanoe who thought that this is the most explicit thing that their little tiny snowflake can access on the internet. The actual word used  in the email was: EXPLICIT.

I think it is rather silly to say that this is offensive or explicit. Or even that it is 18+ material. But then I grew up in an area where there were lots of farms and wildlife. There was lots of jiggy being got with and it was a normal healthy part of life.

There are many people with many difference experiences. And I don't mean to invalidate those or say that one is better than the other. Except I do feel that having a positive, humorous, and open attitude towards sex is better. For everyone. Pretending something doesn't exist doesn't make it go away.

If your kid saw this and started asking questions would that really be such a bad thing? How is it your kid is on the internet without your supervision anyways? We are having this very debate about internet access and censorship in the UK right now and it is ridiculous.

Seriously though folks. Explicit? Really?


Unknown said...

Maple Girl said...

It's suggestive, but it's funny. And, yeah, animals go at it when the mood strikes, regardless of who is watching.

I like this chart. I think it's cute.

People who complain about things like this are probably the ones who don't know that meat at the market comes from dead animals.

Keep creating! I love your work!

Anonymous said...

My 3 year old asked if one was giving a piggy back ride to the other. I rolled around laughing! It's going in the hallway when I've finished it.

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