Phew! The Random Pig Has Been Launched!

Hello peoples! This is a quick post to say that The Random Pig (the Hacock's House of Happy newsletter) has officially launched! Hooray!

If you have signed up you will be finding an email from me in your inbox with linky goodness. The newsletter is a free PDF download.

It was way more work to get it right than I thought it would be but now that the first one is done I hope that it will get easier and will become a regular feature. It probably won't be once a month. More like once every two months but will see what happens and if you guys even like it.

If you have not signed up then click the link above to subscribe and make sure you get the next issue of The Random Pig.

Now that this is done I will be getting back to more regular programming with some free cross stitch charts for you to download.

In the meantime stay happy! And remember, the best kind of pig is a random pig.

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