Blast from the Past: The Prisoner Cross Stitch Chart Almost Escapes!

Hello peoples! Had a scary moment this morning when it appeared that one of my posts from waaaaay back had disappeared. It had definitely been posted and the opportunity had come up to resurrect it. But when I went to dig it out of the post archives... GONE. And then I remembered I used to post my charts on a personal life sort of blog that I don't use any more. So this is the first time this The Prisoner cross stitch chart has been posted here and it will be new to some of you! I just noticed that the way the stripes are angled make it appear as if it is tilted. But it isn't!

The full size is on google drive for download. Click the pic or HERE!

When we were in Wales this last week I was finally able to make a pilgrimage to what is possibly the biggest living cos-play ever. The Village of Portmeirion in North Wales. If you are not familiar with the kitschy yet deeply subversive cult classic The Prisoner, that used this village for its setting, then you are in for a treat.

If you do watch the show you might think that there is no way a real village like that. That is it all sets. But there really is! And it really looks like it does in the show. The houses are even available to rent for holidays!

This chart was created in 2009 when the creator and star of the show, Patrick McGoohan, died. Surreal and odd, The Prisoner is a chilling allegory of the individual's isolation in the post-human era. A searing indictment of consumerism, conformity, and democracy where the consent of the prescription drugged and media zombiefied masses confers ultimate power.

The colour key is unfortunately missing as the chart was made in a different charting application than I have now. But there not many colours in it and I know you guys are good at substituting what works for you.

Here is the IRL dome in the village of Portmeirion.

It is an amazing place and it is highly recommended that you read about its creation and the architect behind it. Fascinating, fanciful, and full of colour, life and fun. Surely ALL villages should be like this! It was an incredible place to visit.


SylviaC said...

I love this, thanks. My sons, all in their 30's, have discovered 'The Prisoner'. Every so often one of them will suddenly say - "I am not a number, I am a free man". So I think I will be stitching this for all 3 of them as a surprise gift. Thank you so much.

Hancock said...

Ha ha! Would love to see it when it is done.

Unknown said...

I would love to be able to support your esty shop but you dont ship to the us!

Hancock said...

Hi Liberty! Thank you for stopping by the blog. Unfortunately the very high cost of shipping prevents me from offering shipping outside the UK as a regular thing. Unless it is a bulk order the cost of getting the item there far outweighs the cost of the item itself. Especially for the little guys. If there is a particular piece you are interested in let me know and I can get a price for you. No obligation.

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