Nautical Daze! Sloop into Something More Comfortable Nautical Sailing Free Cross Stitch Design to Download

Nautical Daze! Sloop into Something More Comfortable Nautical Sailing Free Cross Stitch Design to Download

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Sailing and Nautical Theme Cross Stitch Designs

Welcome to Nautical Daze! For three days (starting on Monday) we have some great sailing and nautical themed cross stitch designs to download for free.

These designs were inspired by my own love of sailing and also travel posters of the post world war two period.

This one features a sloop rigged boat at sunset. Our 22 footer is a sloop which means it has a single mast and a headsail. We only started sailing in 2014 when, by pure chance, the local boat club had an open day. My partner was instantly hooked and a couple years later he got the little boat we sail now. He is an excellent skipper and I am really proud of him!

You may have noticed that the things I love in my own life often feature in my designs. So be prepared for more nautical and sailing related free cross stitch designs.

Do you sail or know someone who does? I bet they would sure love to get this!

This is a full coverage cross stitch pattern and would be a good challenge for a stitcher at just about any level. There is no back stitching which makes it an ideal cross stitch design for a beginner who wants to try something a bit bigger.

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Just click here and choose Save As on the image to download the full size cross stitch pattern for free. The marks etc are much clearer on the full size image you download than they appear on the screen here. This is because these are quite large cross stitch designs.

Nautical Daze! Sloop into Something More Comfortable Nautical Sailing Free Cross Stitch Design to Download
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August Patreon Bonus Cross Stitch Designs

If you subscribe on Patreon for just $2 per month you will be able to download all of these great animal designs during the month of August. The full retail value of the cross stitch charts is about $15 so you are getting a bargain!

There will be three more Patreon exclusive designs every month! Plus other printable goodies.

Giant Bear in the Woods Cross Stitch Design on Patreon

Panda Cross Stitch Design on Patreon

Llama and Sloth Cross Stitch Design on Patreon

Missed the last free cross stitch design? It was a puntastic Ketch sailing cross stitch pattern

Nautical Daze! Ketch Me If You Can Nautical Sailing Themed Free Cross Stitch Pattern #crossstitch #xstitch

Make sure you check back tomorrow for the official launch of Hancock's House of Happy and August Animals! Starting with complete pandamonium. 

free kawaii panda cross stitch pattern to download for free

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Or buy something at my Redbubble site. Cross stitch style without all of the stitching. Like on this canvas wall print.

cross stitch style canvas print nautical themed sailing boat for sale on redbubble

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