ArtMind Mosaic 31.08.10 : STICKY!

Every Tuesday ArtMind hosts a link up where you make a mosaic from images you like on Flickr and post it up. The theme can usually be what ever you want.

My theme this week is STICKY.

Last Thursday I decided to try my hand at making plum jelly. I had great success with making lavender jelly and thought I was ready for this more advanced product. I had loads of lovely wild plums from which I extracted the juice.

It was a DIS-AS-STER. But NOT an unmitigated one as I did eventually end up with SOME jelly and it does taste very nice but OY-Vey... what a mess! I was in a rush and tired and things just went wrong. Absolutely EVERYTHING in my kitchen some how got sticky. It is STILL sticky. I imagine that I will be finding the sticky for years to come.

It wouldn’t set and I had to add more pectin and it boiled over and the jars were in the oven too long and one exploded and jelly went every where and everything is sticky… It did sort of gel in the end but I don’t think it would pass muster at the WI.

The jelly does taste yummy and I thought about all the other yummy things I love that are also sticky and messy and a pain to make or clean up but are worth it.

1. Honey & sun, 2. Toffee Apples, 3. Pecan Honey Sticky Buns, 4. plum jelly august 2010

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Veronica said...

I want to eat that delicious candy apple

LeelaBijou said...

The mosaic looks delicious! And it´s always great to try new things, even when it doesn´t come up as expected, hehe :)

Nauli said...


Florcita said...

oy... I hate it when things go wrong in the kitchen...mostly because one never stops cleaning afterwards!
I've never made jelly. I always make jam or absolutely anything that crosses my path. We have a large veggie patch so... gotta do something with all that produce. I should look into the jelly part of things.
Good luck cleaning and... hope the jelly is good :)

Anca Pandrea said...

That's a lovely idea, sticky things are often quite worth it, just as you said.

Little Miss Book said...

it's marmelade time!
i love cherries!!

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

OMG, your post made me laugh out loud! So sorry it all got sticky in your kitchen but if it tastes good, it's all worth it. ;)

Mama Hen said...

Yummy candy apples! It is time for that! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

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